Global Network

Pitisevi is member firm of MOORE GLOBAL which rearded as one of the world's top 20 accounting and consulting networks with around 440 representative offices in 91 countries and 12,600 people. We this is our common values integrity, pessronal sevice, quality, knowledge and a global view. This is our commitment to our clienls, which ensures we provide added value services for them., As well as a stimulating career for our people. We maintain a cohesive network to ensure moderm and comprehensive services for clients worldwide, to meet standards of professionalism and value in each country.

Thes first MOORE GLOBAL member firm was established in London in 1907, MOORE GLOBAL network now provides is member firms. These member firms, companies and correspondents are independent entities. owned and managed in each location. No partnership exists between them. However, actively strive to work together, sharing information, talent and know how.

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